About me

I live in Szentendre where a course sent me on my way to become immersed in the world of painting. Since then I have continuously been looking for the possibilities in the process of learning in order to show my inner world even better, more particularly in colours and in materials, too. I’m a practical woman who likes creating.

Colours have had great importance for me from the very first moment, since they bring about feelings and sences, encourage you or on the contrary, calm you down. At my first course in Vienna with the help of Gerhard Almbauer I came across also the material that gives extra effects to the colours, getting on the canvas. When putting that material on the canvas there come such structures into being by my hands, which a mysterious world can meet initiated eyes beyond. A surface is born from materials and colours, which reflects our existence showing a pure world for everyone.

I have continuously been learning in order to bring my abilities and knowledge into harmony. It is very important for me to deliberately represent pure images coming from above. I always build my experiences into everydays and that is what I encourage people, too. I urge them not only to stress words but to see the feelings behind the words, the depths, the consciousness and the happenings of life.

The abstract art is the one where I found myself and I can let the spectators free so that they could find their imagination and their own world. If doing so the inquirers can take home deeper worlds and evergreen thoughts by the pictures associating feelings with a certain form or colour.


Masters of mine: Rádóczy Gyarmathy Gábor, Budapest; Sabine Hack, Germany; Gerhard Almbauer, Austria; Andreas Claviers, Germany.